Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Czech platform’s study on sustainability of development projects

FoRS recently published an inspiring study “Sustainability of Czech Development Cooperation Projects”. The study addresses different aspects of sustainability, including internal and external factors that influence it. The study presents current examples of Czech good practices and provides a series of practical recommendations to development stakeholders. The need to increase sustainability has repeatedly been among the key recommendations identified in the majority of external evaluations of Czech bilateral projects commissioned by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

The study serves as contribution to ongoing debates on the quality of the Czech bilateral development projects and responds to the needs of both the implementing actors, Czech Development Agency (CZDA) and MFA.

Based on the study, the Czech Development Agency together with FoRS organised an internal expert workshop on March 13th in order to forward the debate on the possible steps for increasing the sustainability of Czech bilateral projects. The participants (MFA, CZDA, NGOs, private sector) agreed in general on the findings of the FoRS study: for example, the need to focus on sustainability from the early stage of identification of development topics.

The publication is available here.

Information provided by FoRS

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