Thursday, 10 April 2014

News from the Romanian NGDO Platform FOND

The Mobility Fund for experts from Romania and Republic of Moldova launched by FOND has been extended from March to June 2014 
Between the 5th March - 30th June 2014, experts and NGOs from the two countries will have the opportunity to share their expertise and to enhance collaboration on topics which respond to the Romanian ODA strategic priorities for the Republic of Moldova. The Mobility Fund is funded by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget and implemented by the Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND.
The main areas targeted are: the transition to democracy reforms, democratic governance, mass-media, conflict resolution, environment, education and health. The Mobility Fund supports the transfer of expertise between civil society and academia experts from the Romania and Republic of Moldova and also offers the possibility of awarding small grants to NGOs from the two countries. The Mobility Fund is part of the follow-up activities of the Civil Society Forum Romania – Republic of Moldova (May, 2011) , when the participants emphasized the need of a mobility fund to support the expertise and knowledge sharing between the experts of civil society from both countries.

For more information about this opportunity please contact Oana Perju, at:

FOND General Assembly – 9th edition 27th-28th of March 2014 
The annual General Assembly took place between 27th-28th of March in Bucharest and gathered more than 30 representatives of FOND members. The first day analyzed the platform activities implemented in 2013 and members’ involvement in the field.
Besides the plenary sessions, the GA also hosted the meetings of the working groups, which gathered both members and representatives from local authorities, academia, NGOs. The discussions were focused on the main important debates at the EU level and how they can be approached at the national level – European elections, European Year of Development and the post 2015 agenda, Policy Coherence for Development.
This year, three more organizations joined the platform: People Development Foundation, Novapolis Association - Center for Analysis and Development Initiatives, Arcadia Association - Romanian Association for International Cooperation and Development.
The second day was traditionally dedicated to the Romanian NGDO Platform’s partnership with other relevant stakeholders, such as the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (represented by Mr. Radu Podgorean, Secretary of State responsible for ODA), Cartel Alfa Trade Union Confederation (on synergies regarding our PCD policy work) and the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (on the next cross-border programs for the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine).

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