Thursday, 10 April 2014

Challenge your Vision of Change!

The Think Piece "The stories we tell ourselves" written by Rene Suša, steering group member of the CONCORD DARE Forum was published by DEEEP in the beginning of March 2014.

An incredibly challenging and emotional reading that we recommend to anyone who asks him-/her-self what change really means. By questioning the origin of change, the society in which we live and global education as it is stated now, this reading won’t leave you indifferent! “How can we even know what is collectively possible if we are not aware of our personal power?“

Have a look inside the Think Piece and explore this and other questions.

"Changing the world or changing ourselves?" was also the topic of the #DAREtalk webinar on March 20. The video of the webinar can be watched here.

Information provided by DEEEP

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