Thursday, 10 April 2014

Slovenian Platform SLOGA Focuses on Peacebuilding, Migration and Development

SLOGA, the Slovenian NGDO Platform initiated a process regarding Migration and Development in Slovenia. A working group will continuously hold discussions with decision makers and jointly work on building up coherent policies for development. Members of SLOGA could deepen practical knowledge on how to successfully design and implement projects in peacebuilding during a recent training with the Romanian NGO PATRIR.

SLOGA’s recent process on migration and development 
A recent process regarding Migration and Development in Slovenia has been initiated by SLOGA. Start off was marked in February by a training on relations between migration and development and the current situation in Slovenia. With the participation of Austrian experts from ICMPD (International Centre for Migration Policy Development) and VIDC (Vienna Institute for Development and Cooperation) to guide the Slovenian working group through the process, discussions followed up with representatives and decision makers from the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of the Interior to present the outcomes of the past day. The working group, composed of member organisations of the platform as well as representatives from the civil society and other stakeholders working in the field of migration and development, also agreed on a schedule until the end of 2014. This schedule aims to gradually discuss and decide on common positions in order to continue discussions with decision makers and jointly work on building up coherent policies between the Slovenian ministries involved in this process. Upcoming meetings are therefore already planned so that the working group keeps on refining the strategy and its priorities, as well as further steps to complete the process, such as including concerted actions not only at the national level but also at the international level.

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Photo credits: SLOGA; in the picture : training participatns.

SLOGA raises the importance of peacebuilding 
In March 2014, SLOGA held a training event on “Designing, implementation and evaluation of peacebuilding projects”. Two years after the first session, PATRIR (Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania), a Romanian NGO working in peacebuilding, constructive conflict transformation and prevention of all forms of violence, managed once again to share its knowledge in this field. The training aimed at providing participants practical information, concrete tools as well as good practices in order to successfully design and implement projects in peacebuilding. It also gave the opportunity to share experiences, doubts and new stakes in relation to recent conflicts throughout the world. By consolidating a working group capable of leading the process afterwards, the aim was also to present the outcomes to representatives from the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A meeting was therefore organised and allowed both parts to exchange and give each other a better picture of peacebuilding, but also to m
ake understand its importance in the roll out of new development cooperation policies in the framework of the post-2015 process. Given the involvement of participants and their needs to completely master the specific features of peacebuilding projects, a follow-up training will be probably organised by the end of the year. It will aim to provide comprehensive information and tools by involving other expert organisations in Europe.

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Information provided by Nicolas MARTIN, SLOGA.

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