Thursday, 10 April 2014

Organisation of the Month: NGO Mondo from Estonia

Good practices in linking development cooperation and global education from Estonia 

NGO Mondo is an Estonian NGDO devoted to humanitarian aid, development cooperation and global education. It works with local partners in countries like Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Afghanistan and Yemen in order to give children better access to quality education, for women and disabled people, provide training and support in health and income generating activities. Mondo was established seven years ago and its activities have grown steadily year by year. Currently, it is the biggest and most experienced NGDO in the Baltic States.

In Estonia, Mondo works in close cooperation with hundreds of teachers and schools to support the inclusion of global dimension in the curriculum and school practice. As a result of joint advocacy work with other Estonian NGOs, the new Estonian curriculum includes more opportunities for that. Due to the experience from development cooperation work, Mondo is able to make learning about development issues interesting through concrete case studies and joint projects between schools in Estonia and schools in Africa as well as through school visits by the volunteers who have spent time in the field.

 In the Estonian education sector Mondo is also known for offering quality training and a large variety of teaching and learning materials. Mondo’s Global Education Centre has a film library of more than 180 documentary films on global topics available for teachers and film clubs for free. Mondo has also prepared materials for a new optional course in the high school level called “Globalising World”. The first edition of the material, consisting of a book for teacher, CD with lesson descriptions, worksheets for students etc. was launched in autumn 2012 and soon after it received a prize from the Estonian Research Council in the national competition for best educational materials. Currently, the material is being revised and a new version will come out in fall 2014.

Visit the website of MONDO for more insights in their projects:

Photo credits to NGO Mondo: The picture shown students Ghana that their programme has supported.

Information provided by Tormis Laanisto, NGO Mondo 

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