Thursday, 10 April 2014

Forests in the World: Training Sessions in Malta and New Toolkit

KOPIN held a number of training sessions in late February and early March 2014 aimed at creating awareness among educators about the importance and the positive impact that the sustainable management of forests has on indigenous communities and the global community at large.

The training tool place in the frame of the “Forest in the World” project, an EC funded project with partners in Italy, Malta, Romania, Poland and Spain. Trained educators are now reaching out to pupils at six Maltese secondary schools through awareness-raising workshops. Pupils will be encouraged to get involved in activities within their community.
One group of pupils, for example, is researching the level of awareness of sustainable criteria among importers of timber and wood products. Other students will be promoting good practices on the sustainable use and consumption of forestry resources within their school or with the public together with civil society organisations and local authorities.
Some of the schools will have the opportunity of developing a self- regulatory code of conduct on the sustainable consumption of forest products to be promoted by students within their schools.

The first part of the kit (Learning...) presents an introductory overview on world forests: what they are, where they are located, their p
urpose, difficulties being faced and possible solutions. The kit offers a short review that can be useful to introduce the subject in a class and/or to stimulate the discussion and deepen the knowledge of the topic.
The second part (…and doing!) presents some educational proposals that can be used in workshops on sustainable management of world forests and responsible use and consumption of forest resources. These proposals consist of activities and workshops that can be realized

The toolkit is available online on the website in the languages English, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Polish.

Information provided by William Grech (KOPIN) For more information

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