Friday, 19 December 2008

EC Development Education Call open!

The EC published the Call for Proposals in Development Education for Non-State Actors and Local Authorities! Find all call documents on the EuropeAid Webpage. Use the direct link.

Deadline for concept notes is on February 17, 2009!
Read more about "News, differences and changes" in relation to this call in our seperate article at

Check out which NGOs are searching for project partners for a joint EC project or post your own partner search on the TRIALOG website at:

Note that all applicants and partners need to be registered in PADOR, see:
Find a "Quick reference guide" at:
The direct link to register in PADOR is:
CONCORD raised some concerns in relation to the PADOR registration vis a vis the European Commission - read the reply by the EC, forwarded by bengo, at:
In case of further questions, you can contact the PADOR helpdesk:

For NGOs from new member states:
If you have any specific questions related to the guidelines of the Call for Proposals, you can contact our capacity building officer Petra Kreinecker at: