Friday, 21 June 2013

SLOGA is Actively Involved in the Planning of the Future Development of Slovenia

At the government level, a preparation of the national development documents, is taking place, which will, inter alia, serve as the basis for the design of the operational programs of the new European financial perspective. The government has prepared a draft National Programme of Priorities and Investments for 2014 to 2017.

The areas of intervention in the draft document are science, entrepreneurship, green and inclusive society and an efficient public sector and the rule of law. SLOGA, the Slovenian NGDO platform, together with its members responded to the document and made the following suggestions to be included in the daft:
- the inclusion of fair trade priority
- integration of global learning
- the inclusion of international volunteering
- the inclusion of the preparation of the program of harmonization of immigrants based on their skills, gender, culture, religion, and the preparation of programs for more rapid integration into society,
- support for non-governmental sector, including NGO networks (horizontal, thematic and regional networks)
- horizontal integration of international development cooperation and respect for human rights on several priorities.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology will prepare a second draft and SLOGA will actively participate in the follow-up meetings and pursue the priorities of its members.

Information provided by Mojca Krisper Figueroa, SLOGA

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