Friday, 21 June 2013

Every Day a Journalist - One Day an NGO Worker

SLOGA, the Slovenian NGDO platform has joined a consortium of national NGO networks in a media campaign called “Every day a journalist - one day an NGO worker”, which is coordinated by the national NGO network – CNVOS. The campaign is an opportunity for various NGOs to increase their visibility in media and raise public awareness about NGO related issues and their role in society.

The beginning of the campaign was marked by the so-called press breakfast, which took place on 10th May simultaneously in seven cities across Slovenia. The press breakfast in Ljubljana was co-organized by SLOGA and attended by 7 development NGOs – members of SLOGA Platform. Together with other NGOs they presented their work to journalists and other media representatives and invited them to spend one day in their organizations.

Most of the journalists were thrilled about the idea to assist NGOs in preparation of development education workshop for school children, to prepare a multicultural catering or solve a real-life case of discrimination. The articles that will result from this cooperation will participate in a contest which will finish in the Festival of NGOs – LUPA by announcement of the best media article about NGOs.

Photo by SLOGA
Information provided by Aleš Rovšnik, SLOGA

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