Friday, 21 June 2013

Mapping Polish NGOs Activity in Africa

The Africa Working Group of Grupa Zagranica (Polish NGDO platform) initiated a mapping of projects run by Polish NGOs in Africa.

There are several aims for this action. Firstly, it can enable organizations to exchange knowledge and learn from each other’s experience. Secondly, it can serve to identify areas of possible cooperation among Polish NGOs. Thirdly, it should help to recognize strengths and weaknesses of Polish developmental sector. And lastly, such an overview can show what institutional support or other inputs may be useful from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other administration units.

Currently a survey is being circulated to collect information on the projects in question. The mapping should cover activities conducted since 2008. All NGOs are welcome to participate and share. The activity is carried out in the framework the TRIALOG.

More information: Magdalena Trojanek,

Information provided by Magdalena Trojanek, Grupa Zagranica

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