Friday, 21 June 2013

Mid-term Review of Czech ODA Strategy 2010-2017

In spring, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has started an internal mid-term review of the Czech ODA Strategy 2010-2017 aiming, among others, at reducing the number of 14 priority countries and sectors. In a series of multi-stakeholders roundtables related to several regions, the concrete countries, sectors and aid modalities have been discussed. The roundtables on the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe (Moldova and Georgia) and Asia has already taken place, a roundtable on Africa is planned for autumn.

FoRS - Czech Forum for Development Cooperation is actively engaged in this process. Its members gather around three regions (Africa, Asia and the Balkans) in order to discuss their experience, good and bad practices and prepare joint positions and recommendations for the Czech MFA. The letter plans to present a draft proposal for modification of the current Strategy both in terms of priorities and budget in autumn. It should be reflected in the new ODA Plan for 2015 and the Mid-term Outlook till 2017.

Information provided by Marie Zázvorková, FoRS

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