Friday, 21 June 2013

Human Security at Community Level – Is There a Role for NGOs?

The Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation LAPAS is starting an in-depth research on the concept of human security at community level. Unless the concept of human security has been examined for long time, there is still a question on ability to adapt it at very practical level.

Looking at community level as the first stage of the creation of interdependant relations for human security of individuals, LAPAS has the intention to develop a practical tool for the widespread use for communities in Latvia and abroad. To ensure the applicability of the tool, the research includes a validation in several communities in Latvia. Besides the development of practical application, the research will examine the specific role of NGOs as formal structures in establishment human security.

The results of the research are expected at the beginning of 2014. The project is financed by the EEA Financial Mechnanism 2009-2014.

For more information please contact director of LAPAS Inese Vaivare:

Information provided by Inese Vaivare, LAPAS

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