Friday, 21 June 2013

Maltese Word Fest 2013: Fair Trade for Social Inclusion

Like every year, the traditional annual “Fair Trade Fest”, organized by Koperattiva Kummerc Gust (KKG) a local Maltese NGO, took place in Valletta on 25th of May.It involved many local NGOs and stakeholders interested in cooperation and social activities.

This event focused on the theme of “Fair Trade and Social Exclusion” and has been realized with the important support of the Third World Group’s members, a local NGO.

Moreover this year fair trade was connected with other two important events: the African Liberation Day and Occupy Monsanto. The first event, organized by Migrants Network for Equality, is a steady appointment, also celebrated in different African countries, USA and UK, to commemorate the African Liberation Day and give to this continent the right consideration. The Occupy Monsanto event was a protest organized by “March Against Monsanto”, a group of organizations connected by the goal to condemn the actions of food’s genetic modification executed by the multinational company Monsanto.

During the whole day it was possible to visit the different stands organized by participating NGOs and purchase organic products at market stands. Moreover a lot of socio-cultural activities took place, like a forum on poverty and a discussion on the topic of“Multinationals and Nature: ecosystem’s destruction and poverty’s increase”. The evening ended with yoga lesson, music and dance, as well as food degustation from different countries and cultures.

Photos provided by SKOP, Maltese NGDO Platform
Information provided by Marco Vincenzo Armento (KKG) Koperattiva Kummerc Gust

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