Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Role of Civil Society in bringing about Change

CYINDEP, the Cyprus Island-wide NGO Development Platform, in partnership with the Peace It Together Network is hosting an Annual Inter-Regional Learning Exchange Conference together with a Euro-Mediterranean ‘Souk’ (a civil society bazaar) from 9-12 October 2012 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The conference will focus on the role of citizens and civil society in stimulating social change during periods of transition and aims to provide a forum where participants from Europe and the Arab region can share their experiences and can learn from each other.

The learning exchange will focus on three priority areas of clear relevance to the current historical moment in both regions and where an inter-regional dialogue can maximize learning and transfer of practical solutions as well as foster future mutual collaboration.
The event will be organised in a non-conventional way, giving the space to the participants to engage in dialogues and constructive conversations and using methodologies such as Open Space.
The conference consists of three pillars.
Pillar 1 - Social Cohesion explores the role of Civil Society in promoting constructive co-existence between diverse groups and communities in supporting the development of pluralistic societies.
Pillar 2 - Shaping the Policy debate focuses on research in action and the role of think tanks, universities, research organisations, and development practitioners - as an informed and independent voice - in fostering transition towards peaceful and inclusive democratic societies.
Pillar 3 - The right to be heard: community voice for representation examines the role of New Media in promoting equality and diversity and representing marginalized voices with a special emphasis on women and youth.

Deadline for application is Friday, 14th of September 2012.

Please find the application form here.
You can also obtain more information from the CYINDEP website or contact Deniz Usman at  

Information provided by Deniz Usman, CYINDEP 

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