Thursday, 13 September 2012

Polish NGOs conduct a Peer Review on Global Education

How to ensure sustainability and effectiveness of the activities in the field of global education? Why is fair selection of photographs used in publications and educational campaigns important? What does empowerment and engagement of audiences mean in practice? Conclusions and recommendations from the first peer review of materials and activities in the field of global education are summarized in the report, "How to measure quality of global education". The report was prepared by the Global Education Working Group, which operates within the Polish development NGO platform Zagranica Group.

More and more actors take part in the activities associated with global education, schools more often incorporate the content of global education in the curriculum. With the increasing diversity of educational activities, it is necessary to draw attention to their quality. The Global Education Working Group of the platform started responding to this demand and organized a joint review of activities and educational materials. The aim of this initiative was to identify the challenges that authors of publications and projects in the field of global education face and to make an attempt to formulate practical tips that would be a response to these difficulties. The result of the review was a selection of best practices in the following three areas of activities of organizations and institutions:
1) educational materials,
2) campaign actions and activities proposed to various groups, including students and teachers,
3) support programs for schools and teachers.

Best practices and recommendations were also discussed during a seminar which summarized the process of mutual consultations. Sustainability of educational activities, adapting the message to audiences and the selection of information and photographs were considered the most important quality criteria. The jointly developed recommendations are summarized in the report "How to measure quality of the global education" to serve especially global education practitioners who did not participate in the review. Authors of the report in particular wanted to propose concrete solutions, which put into practice will allow for implementation of the recommendations and thus ensure high quality of prepared materials or activities, such as education campaigns or training for teachers.

The report is available (only Polish version) as pdf file here

On the one hand, the overview is the first step towards improving the quality of global education in Poland and on the other hand it creates a space for constant collaboration within the NGO community and other institutions involved in this field. Individuals, organizations and institutions interested in issues associated with global education and in particular in working on increasing its quality in Poland, please contact Katarzyna Krzemińska, coordinator of the Global Education Working Group at

Information provided by Katarzyna Krzemińska, Zagranica Group

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