Thursday, 13 September 2012

Call for Information about Funding allocated to EU-12 DEAR Projects

All of the TRIALOG team is thrilled that the project has been granted funding to continue in TRIALOG V. We are also aware that many other inspiring DEAR projects have also been granted funding and we would like to encourage you to send any information you have regarding these projects to Rebecca Steel-Jasinska:  

Within TRIALOG it is important for us to see how many EU-12 partners are involved in DEAR projects and in which roles, so we are interested in all projects that will be funded, whether your platform/organisation/colleagues are leading or involved as partners. The basic information – partners, budget, grant allocated and so on, will be useful information for follow-up to our partnership fairs, to assess our success in bringing together people who then designed joint projects.

DEEEP, which has also been granted funding for another three years, is also interested in collecting this information to have an overview of future DEAR projects so please include Tobias Troll (  in your communication so that the information is shared.

Many thanks to those who have already provided the information and we look forward to hearing about all your DEAR projects.

Information provided by Rebecca Steel-Jasinska, TRIALOG

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