Thursday, 13 September 2012

ADRA Bulgaria thanks TRIALOG for the Partnership Fair

ADRA Bulgaria is happy to announce that its project “Equal Access to Development Education for All’ (EADEA) has been approved for funding by EuropeAid. The project will be implemented in partnership with the Estonian Foundation for Visually Impaired, Südwind Austria and ADRA Rwanda, associated partner is the Croatian Thyphlologic Muzeum of Zagreb.

The idea of this project, as well as its essential partnerships, appeared during the TRIALOG Partnership Fair held in 2011 in Vienna, Austria. In discussions with other participating NGO representatives at the fair, a special gap in the provision of Development Education (DE) has been identified – the lack of specifically designed DE material for pupils with visual impairment  - and the EADEA project was born. The project aims at building capacities in DE teaching, exchange of experience among the partners and associates and at developing learning materials for visually impaired students by a participatory and creative approach.

ADRA Bulgaria is extremely happy to be able to undertake the challenge of pioneering in this field and to further provide visually impaired students the opportunity to become future DE promoters and consultants for designing specific development assistance measures for visually impairment people in developing countries.

For more information on the project, please contact Alya Veder at  

Information provided by Alya Veder, ADRA Bulgaria

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