Thursday, 13 September 2012

Course Offer in Malta on Disability in the Global South and Engaging Communities

Integra Foundation Malta, in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), organises two short courses in 2013. For both courses, participants can apply for a Grundtvig grant (adult education).

Disability and Poverty in the Global South: Activating European Movements for Change
04/02/2013 – 08/02/2013 in Malta
The recent World Report on Disability estimates that some one billion people around the globe are disabled and some 80% live in the global South. Around 20% of the world’s poorest are said to be disabled people. This course builds on the EU development policy and its commitment to raising awareness of development issues, promoting development education and mobilizing support for poverty reduction. A team of transnational experts from academia and civil society will help to engage critically and discuss these themes.Do you want to engage critically and discuss key themes on disability and poverty in the global South? Do you want to raise awareness on inclusive development issues and promote development education initiatives? Then come and share your experiences and reflections.
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Engaging communities: the psychology of collectives and supporting activism for a united Europe
21/01/2013 – 25/01/2013 in Malta.
Participants will come together to share their own experiences and engage in constructive dialogue. It is hoped that the knowledge and ideas generated in this course will feed back into genuine EU level movements for change supporting the development of more inclusive communities. Are you interested in the concept of communities and want to debate on them from a variety of theoretical and practice positions? Do you want to share your experiences with others? Then come and join us on the island of Malta in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to discuss and work together.
Course information here or on the Grundtvig website.

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Apply for a Grundtvig grant (adult education) with your national agency to participate in the training. See full list of agencies here

The deadline for grant application is 17th September 2012. Once you register, you will be contacted and your booking and all other arrangements will be taken care of.

Should you have any questions on the grant application or the course, please feel free to contact Maria Pisani at 

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