Thursday, 13 September 2012

European Civil Society against Discrimination

“Wake Up Europe: It’s Time to Act! Creative approaches to tackle discrimination” - a conference organised by UNITED from 12 to 17 November 2012, in Finland.

All across Europe political groups and subcultures that feed off racist ideologies are on the move, penetrating mainstream politics with devastating consequences for the minorities targeted. The impact of racism and discrimination on our societies today is severe: it affects all of us in various ways – whether we are its subjects or objects – making social cohesion impossible and paving the way for conflict. On the background of these examples and many others, UNITED is organising this upcoming international conference to be held in Finland. Creative approaches to tackle discrimination During the conference, we will share fresh strategies and best practices for the European antidiscrimination movement. In a time when far-right groups are more and more successful in addressing a large part of the population, our response needs to be visible and creative: It’s time to ACT!

We will make use of a variety of working methods: thematic working groups, plenary sessions and workshops on:
* Just Roma -The right-less communities
* The InVisables - Which rights for undocumented migrants?
* School for All - Antidiscrimination education in school
* Power to the Youth! Volunteering in NGOs
* Online (H)Activism - New media in our struggle
* Artivism - Creative action against racism

Board and lodging is free and there is the possibility for financial contributions to travel costs. All information and the e-nomination form can be found  on the UNITED website.  

Organisations interested in nominating a delegate should send their nomination (Expression of Interest form below) by email before the deadline: 19 September 2012 - 24:00 to

Information provided by UNITED

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