Friday, 16 March 2012

Training in Poland on: Public-Private Partnership and effective CSR

15 participants from Polish NGDOs attended at the training on “Public-Private Partnership and effective CSR” organized by Zagranica Group and TRIALOG. The training which took place from 28th to 29th of February 2012 in Warsaw was held by Petra Kreinecker, CEO of the Austrian CSR-Stakeholder-Platform. It started with an introduction into the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR. As there´s no legal binding definition on European level, the participants looked at the definitions, standards and international concepts - and the existing interests of players and stakeholder implementing CSR.

With the overview of the European CSR-movement and the role of NGOs, the Polish participants received several instruments to act and re-act, taking the holistic CSO-definition of CSR into account.
By analyzing reports of private business and international companies in Poland, the participants could develop their own capacities related to “effective CSR”.

The positive examples of the Austrian Public-Private Partnership projects at the end of the 2days-training, motivated the Polish NGOs to lobby for a Polish programme on national level with the local authorities and companies.

CSR is still a new idea in Poland and companies learn about its importance in their mission besides the profit. Also, the size and income can be a challenging factor for getting involved but hopefully, thanks to trainings like this one, the NGO sector will popularize it. After the training, some participants said there had not been enough positive examples of CSR given which shows there is a lot to do in order to improve the situation and make the business really responsible.

For more information please contact Magdalena Trojanek:

Information provided by Petra Kreinecker, Austrian CSR-Stakeholder-Platform and Joanna Stiller, Zagranica Group

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