Friday, 16 March 2012

Operations Support Adviser - West Africa

The aim of the operational support to country programmes is to increase and sustain the capacity of key country programmes to operate rapidly, at scale, safely and securely, effectively and efficiently. The team has 4 key objectives focusing on: capacity for operational delivery at scale; fundraising and financial management; human resources retention and leadership; and standardised systems for core processes.

Over the last two years Save the Children UK has developed a programme of intense operational support which it has rolled out in a number of country programmes with recognised results in terms of meeting income targets, capacity building of key operations staff, and the overall ability of country programmes to deliver high quality programmes at scale when required.

The team is planning to continue to provide ongoing operational support to these country programmes while taking on additional countries as well as widening the scope of the support offered through a number of different training and capacity building initiatives. In order to assist with this, we are currently recruiting for an Operations Support Adviser (West Africa).

For more information or to apply, please visit consult this link

Information provided by Florence Erb, Save the Children UK

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