Friday, 16 March 2012

Campaign for the European Parliament Declaration on “Development Education and Global Active Citizenship”

Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Filip Kaczmarek (PL, EPP) proposed a written declaration on "Development education and global active citizenship" , and MEPs Catherine Grèze (FR, Green), Michael Gahler (DE, EPP), Fiona Hall (UK, ALDE) and Maria Badia I Cutchet (ES, S&D) joined him to co-table it. Such declaration is now open for signatures. To enter into force, at least half of the members of the European Parliament need to sign it.

To this end, CONCORD with the support of DEEEP has launched a campaign, to raise the awareness of MEPs, and have them signing the written declaration. A website is at the disposal of MEPs to learn more on development education and awareness raising and on the importance of having responsible citizens.

A campaign team was in Strasbourg on March 12. The team will also be at the European Parliament in April, and a final event is foreseen on May 22, with all the members of CONCORD DARE Forum. Let's make this declaration approved, invite your MEPs to sign it!

For more information, contact Tobias Troll

In the photo: MEP Kaczmarek and Grèze with the poster of the Campaign

Information provided by Chiara Tripepi, DEEEP 

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