Friday, 16 March 2012

DESS 2012 “Change Lab: New ways of engaging local society in sustainable development”

The Development Education Summer School (DESS) is a week-long capacity building event for practitioners from civil society organizations (CSOs) from EU and non-EU countries working in the field of global/development education and environmental education.

The DESS 2012 is co-organized by Czech Forum for Development Co-operation FoRS and DEEEP. It will take place from 24 June to 30 June 2012 in Legner Hotel Zvánovice near Prague, Czech Republic. Approximately 70 participants from EU and elsewhere will be actively involved in activities/projects/ programmes in DE/AR and deal with specific issues of sustainable development.

The general theme of DESS 2012 is local engagement in sustainable development. Participants will exchange views and learn about ways in which CSOs can address this topic with regard to different target groups. The ultimate aim of DESS 2012 is to improve practice of CSOs. The week-long event crowns a continuous learning process that starts already prior to DESS 2012 through an online forum and continues afterwards in various follow-up activities. DESS 2012 is based on a mixture of methods stressing participants’ work in five working groups aimed at different target groups (New ways of engaging public, Community-based formal education, Non-formal education, Advocacy towards decision makers and authorities, Engaging with the private sector).

You can find more information here or contact Tereza Rejšková:

Information provided by Tereza Rejšková, Czech Forum for Development Co-operation FoRS 

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