Friday, 16 March 2012

Cooperation between Romanian and Georgian CSOs fostered

During 23rd-24th of February, the Romanian NGDO Platform (FOND) organized a study visit to Tbilisi for its members, aiming at fostering bilateral cooperation between Romanian and Georgian civil society organizations. This initiative was organized with the financial support of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The Romanian delegation also included representatives of the MFA, academia and mass-media.

The study visit was a follow-up of the fourth edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum and consisted of: one-day round table and thematic workshops (on citizen participation, advocacy on child protection and monitoring social policy in the Black Sea Region) and a second day dedicated to visits to local NGOs, the Romanian Embassy to Georgia and the European Union Delegation to Georgia. The Romanian participants had the opportunity to interact with Georgian NGOs and to build links for future joint initiatives and projects. There are many similarities between Romania and Georgia: their common past, as well as many challenges and opportunities – translating the NGOs expertise into policy positions, lack of financial sustainability, media interest, gender policy, cooperation with local authorities, the NGOs capacity to mobilize support and to promote a democratic environment, functioning coalitions and platforms. This initiative was a starting point for a more structured and comprehensive cooperation between NGOs from Romania and Georgia.

The Black Sea NGO Forum is an annual event organized by FOND (since 2008), together with the Romanian MFA, the Representation of the European Commission in Romania and the Black Sea Trust, in order to strengthen the level of dialogue and cooperation among NGOs in the wider Black Sea region, to build links and common projects in the region.

Georgia is one of the priority countries for the Romanian development cooperation policy. Since the EU accession in 2007, Romania has supported projects in Georgia as to foster the social and economic development of the country, including funding for social and educational services, poverty reduction, facilitating civic engagement, assisting the socio-economic integration of displaced persons.

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Information provided by Adriana Zaharia, Communication Officer, Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND

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