Friday, 16 March 2012

Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN) promotes regional exchange

The international research centre CARDET and the consultancy firm INNOVADE, have undertaken the role to establish and coordinate the Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN) - in the context of the Action “Establishment of multilateral networks with Mediterranean countries” (Action 7, EIF, 2010).

The network’s aim is to promote collaboration and exchange of good practices among public and private stakeholders that are active in the fields of migration and integration. In addition, MMN will develop a collaborative framework among national and European public services and other relevant stakeholders; develop and manage a database of resources on migration, integration, and diversity; and build the professional capacity of the network’s members through educational material and activities.

Some key activities of the network are:
• Online interaction, networking and e-learning
• Exchange of visits to European Member States
• Monthly teleconferences and/or online meetings among the members of the MMN
• Development of a digital and a print database and library with relevant resources
• Production and dissemination of policy and strategy papers
• Organization of an international conference on migration and integration

For details about the action and on joining the MMN, please visit the network’s website at or contact Sotiris Themistokleous

The action is co-funded by the European Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals (75%) and the Republic of Cyprus (25%).

Information provided by Sotiris Themistokleous, Assistant Director of CARDET

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