Monday, 23 June 2014

The Development Approach of CEE Donors: Priorities, Actors and Frameworks

Arcadia, a member organisation of FOND - Romanian NGDO platform organised a conference on 15-16 June 2014 focusing on the development approach of Central and Eastern European (CEE) donors. The conference was well attended by more than 50 participants representing difference stakeholders: NGOs, think tanks, academia, institutions, practitioners from the field and private sector coming from different EU countries (Czech Republic, Brussels, Slovenia, and Hungary).

CONCORD took part in the first plenary session focused on the future trends in ensuring an effective ODA implementation and sharing lessons learnt from older donors that could be of help for new donors (CEE region) in defining their ODA policies. CONCORD provided, apart from the future trends in development cooperation, perspective of the EU13 civil society in development cooperation including their engagement on the European level in CONCORD and TRIALOG.

Arcadia during the conference launched a study offering an initial perspective of the potential pool of expertise represented by Romanians working in development at global level and discussed potential brain drain and brain regain in the field of international development. It will be available soon.

Arcadia – Romanian Association for International Cooperation and development is an NGO which profiles itself as a neutral space for interaction and analysis of international development related to Romania’s role as international donor. Arcadia has more than 170 members composed of academics, practitioners, researchers, academics, members of NGOs, business and policy makers. The conference was organized as part of a larger project: Training Romanian Young Professionals In International Development financed by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented in partnership with the UNDP Bratislava Regional Center.

For more information, please, contact Diana Rusu of Arcadia or Adela Rusu of FOND

Information provided by Zuzana Sladkova, CONCORD

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