Monday, 23 June 2014

EU Elections and the Impact on EU’s Development Policy

Shortly after the EU Parliamentary elections, Devex - one of the world's most popular international development networks – has published a very insightful analysis of the potential implications of the EU elections for the EU Development Policy and Global Development more generally. The article is written by Richard Jones, Devex associate editor. One of the highlights of the article refers to the fact that the results of these elections mean that the EU will have to “raise its game”, to prove and communicate its added value, including in the area of development cooperation. This apparent crisis can also be seen as an opportunity for civil society organisations to contribute to the efforts of the European institutions “to redefine their approach to the outside world and to try harder to win the argument for a type of engagement in foreign policy that resonates with European citizens of all political creeds”, as suggested in the article.

The full content of the article is available here.

Source: Devex International Development News

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