Monday, 23 June 2014

Civil Society At the Heart of the Eastern Partnership: Interview with EuropeAid Neighbourhood Director Dr Michael Köhler

Dr Michael Köhler gives an interview on the role of civil society in the context of the Eastern Partnership. The interview is part of “Talking about the Neighbourhood”, a series of interviews with people involved in the Neighbourhood. Civil society organisations play a crucial role within their societies in providing policy input, developing new initiatives and in holding governments accountable for their actions. They are major actors in promoting democracy and human rights, the rule of law, good governance and sustainable economic and social development, he says.

In order for reforms in Eastern Partnership countries to be successful, he adds, a stronger participation of civil society is needed so as to enhance the oversight of public services and strengthen public confidence in those services.

At the end of his interview he concludes: “strengthening the capacity of civil society has been one of the most important and positive results of our cooperation with the Eastern Partnership. We have given civil society in partner countries unprecedented support in both political and financial terms. And we intend to continue.”

The full interview can be accessed here.

 Source: EU Neighbourhood Info Centre 

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