Monday, 23 June 2014

Romanian and African NGOs Join Up For Youth Projects

A.R.T. Fusion, a Romanian organisation that sets its action in two directions, social and global responsibility, is implementing two new projects within the Youth in Action Programme.

The main objective of “Animate the Global Change” is to fight against social exclusion among young people by taking in consideration the causes of this phenomenon. The project is created especially for youth workers from Europe and the West Africa region and encourages them to contribute to a cohesive society though alternative methods like participative or performing arts, living library and techniques that could reach more and more young people. Non-formal education proved to have a success in this area of social exclusion. So, finding more creative, open and divers methods is absolutely necessary in communicating and attracting young people in risks into taking action and creating a world of greater justice, equity and human rights. The project includes international big training and exchange meetings where all the participants will share their expertise in specific methods and explore global topics and intercultural awareness.

You Are Part Of This World, Be Part Of Its Future” is another project of A.R.T. Fusion Association and involves countries from Europe, West- and Southern Africa. The main goal of the project is to increase the capacity of youth organization to raise the level of social and global responsibility among young people in Europe and Africa. The participants will have the opportunity to attend international trainings on global education activities in Sierra Leone and Romania, in order to raise awareness in an non-formal way about global interdependencies, social and global justice, climate change and sustainable lifestyle. The young volunteers and youth leaders that will be involved in the project will develop a large variety of competencies and this competencies will be applied in many areas.

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In the photo: participants of the "Animate the Global Change" project.

Information provided by A.R.T. Fusion

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