Monday, 23 June 2014

Conference on Education for Global Citizenship and Webinar on Degrowth

For development education practitioners and active global citizens the two upcoming events of DEEEP will provide great space for exchange of ideas and fruit for thought.

Live Streaming of the Panel Discussion at the Conference on Education for Global Citizenship:
If you can not join the Conference on Global Citizenship Education in person next week in Brussels, don't worry. The organisers will set up a live stream of the panel discussion "All you need to know about Education for Global Citizenship". Join online on June 24th from 11.30am to 1pm.

Next webinar on Degrowth:
 The 5th #DAREtalk webinar with the title "Beyond European growth obsession: rights, justice and democracy for all" takes place on 10th of July at 13pm on the European Citizens Summit website (under construction now). In the framework of the European Citizens Summit 2014 organised in September, this webinar will present the upcoming event and discuss the “degrowth” paradigm as a potential solution for a fairer and more democratic Europe.

Source: DEEEP Development Education Times, June 2014

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