Thursday, 28 November 2013

Partner Requests for Joint DEAR Projects

The EC published the NSA LA Call: Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting development education in the European Union with the reference EuropeAid/134863/C/ACT/Multi on 19th of November. You find all relevant documents for the "DEAR Call" on the EC website.

Deadline for submission of Concept Notes is 30th of January 2014.

On the TRIALOG website you find Partner Requests of various organisations, here are the latest ones:

• Global Initiative on Psychiatry – Sofia (GIP-Sofia) is looking for partners, preferably from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Slovenia, to develop a project in the frame of the DEAR Call. Although the mental health is the main focus of work of GIP-Sofia, there is a lot of experience in global education and global development through EU funded projects.

• dance4life is an international initiative comprising of the dance4life foundation in Amsterdam, and local partner organisations across five continents. dance4life is willing to apply as a lead applicant for the DEAR EU call and is looking for partners from other eligible European countries who work in the field of education, advocacy and awareness raising in the field of health and education, preferably in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

• People in Need (Czech Republic) with its Visegrad partners from Poland (PAH), Hungary (Demnet) and Slovakia (PDCS) are looking for partners from Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia or Latvia to take part in a project to be submitted under the 2013 DEAR Call. The key theme of the project is business and development.

• The Italian Network against AIDS is interested in participating, as partner, in projects to be submitted to the 2013 NSA LA DEAR Call, on the following key themes: fight against HIV/AIDS and the other pandemics, global health.

• Global Nature Fund (Germany) is looking for partner organisations from different EU Member States to submit a DEAR project under the title "The true cost of European consumption and production”, focusing on reducing the negative impacts of European consumption on developing countries.

• Eight NGOs from France (Le Partenariat), Germany (VNB), Italy (EducAid), Czech Republic (Partners Czech), Romania (Patrir), Poland (IGO), UK (Leeds DEC), Slovakia (People in Peril) are looking for an organisation that could be the leadpartner for the next EuropeAid DEAR call, on a project focused on raising awareness among students from highschool as well as teachers on globalisation and decent work.

Information provided by TRIALOG

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