Thursday, 28 November 2013

2015 and Beyond: What is the Future of Development and Development Education in Malta?

The roundtable brought together foreign experts, Government representatives and policy-makers, educational institutions, civil society organizations, local councils and other stakeholders with the aim to advocate for a National Strategy on Development Education and Awareness Raising, in the build up for the “Beyond 2015” process, 2015 as the EU Year for Development and the 2017 Presidency of the Council of the EU held by Malta.

Malta should separate money spent on maintaining detention centres from genuine aid. This is one of the main points that emerged from SKOP’s multistakeholder roundtable on development and development education that was held in Malta on the 17th of October. A point that was reiterated by members of civil society, speakers Stefano Moncada (University of Malta)
and Darrin Zammit Lupi (Photo Journalist), and Minister for Sustainable Development Leo Brincat. Minister Brincat also pointed out the clear link between climate change and development. He made clear that on this is pivotal issue, that is likely to be on top of the next EU meeting for environment ministers, there is still a gap between funds pledged and those actually delivered.
Representing CONCORD’s working group on Development Education and Awareness Raising (DARE Forum), Mr. Coertjens shared the ideas and questions the Forum has on the issue of Development Education. In a rapidly changing world, he insisted on the importance of maintaining key principles when dealing with development education, principles such as the fact that values are being promoted, the idea of active and global citizenship, and the human rights-based approach.
The roundtable also gave space for Mr. Underwood, from the Beyond 2015 EU Steering Group, who outlined the work of the Steering Group so far and the way forward. After a period where the group was gathering views and opinions from multiple levels of society, it is now time to take the process to a political, interstate level, especially at EU and UN institutions.

In the photo: Panel with the Minister for Sustainable Development Leo Brincat

Information provided by Paola Prinzis, SKOP

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