Thursday, 28 November 2013

CYINDEP sets off with a new Strategy for 2013 – 2015

The Cyprus island-wide NGO platform CYINDEP has prepared a dynamic and solid ‘Strategic plan’ for the Platform for the period 2013 – 2015, which is already under implementation. CYINDEP has managed to lay down its overall goals which aim to ensure a long-term sustainability for the Platform.

The Strategic Plan’s goals are: Sustainability; Contextualisation of Global Issues; Shape Policies and Decisions; and Promote Cyprus as a Regional Hub for MENA Region. The process for developing the Strategic Plan, which has been supported by TRIALOG, had already started in June with a survey, which was conducted among CYINDEP members, assessing their capacities, needs, interests and vision for the Platform.

Following the survey, through a series of internal workshops the Board of the Platform along with interested members, worked with the aim of developing a new vision, mission and strategy for the Platform.
Under Sustainability, CYINDEP’s priority areas are Partnership Alliances and Networks, Capacity Building Activities (part of which will be implemented through the TRIALOG Capacity Building) and Membership.
The second goal which is Contextualisation of global issues prioritises to bring the European debate to local level, identify topics and people to revive passion and reflect on the development debate and think of a new paradigm.
The third goal is to Shape Policies and Decisions by holding policy and decision-makers accountable, while building relations with them.
Further, CYINDEP will be working towards influencing the ODA strategy of CyprusAid, as well as the Post-2015 position.
The final strategic goal aims to Promote Cyprus as a regional hub for MENA Region by increasing its partnerships and alliances outside Cyprus, promoting the ‘hub’ idea to government and other stakeholders and promoting Cyprus as a learning lab for civil society working in a ‘frozen conflict’.

CYINDEP is very optimistic and confident that this new start will help the sustainability of the Platform and strengthen its capacity and impact at the local and EU level.

For more information please contact Sophia Arnaouti, Policy Officer

Information provided by Sophia Arnaouti, CYINDEP

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