Thursday, 28 November 2013

News from the Latvian CSO Platform LAPAS

Post-2015 Discussions in Latvia

In June, the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation organised a debate on the post-2015 – discussions, priorities, involvement by NGOs and othe rrelated issues. Participants of the debate reflected different aspects of the important issues.
The material including viedeos of the presentations are avialable online:
-European development commissioner Andris Piebalgs – about current status and content, HLP report and role of NGOs – video
- René Mauricio Valdés (UNDP) – about global consultations, main discussions, role of NGOs and challenges – presentation and video
- Rilli Lappalainen (The Finnish NGDO Platform to the EU Kehys) – EU involvement, role of EU civil society, Experience of Finland – video and presentation
- Ana Kalin (Slovenian NGDO platform Sloga) – global perspective and view of Slovenian NGOs, why local should be linked to global – presentation and video
Petr Patočka (Prague Global Policy Institute – Glopolis) – global context, EU context, Chezh context, new development and NGO context, EU-12 context– presentation and video
- Hanna Hansson (CONCORD Sweden) – involvement of Sweden in global process, dialogue between state and NGOs, Beyound2015 campaign, involvement of Swedish NGOs – video
- Inese Vaivare (LAPAS) – is economic growth development, solutions for development, challenges of new framework – presentation and video.

All materials of the conference are available for your further use on the LAPAS website.

Photo: Panel during the Post-2015 Debate

Capacity building in LAPAS

The year 2013 marks an important point for the capacity development of the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation - LAPAS in a way to prepare a small platform for an important role with the Presidency of the EU Council in 2015 approaching. With the support of the European Social Fund and TRIALOG, a wide range of activities are being implemented such as:

- Training for members on e-tools, communication and project management
- Face-to-face meetings with each member on their engagement strategy and mapping of results for a better cooperation within the platform;
- Development of a members’ data base including basic information on organisation, projects and experts, available in 3 languages – English, Russian, Latvian; - Strategy trainings on international developments (in partnership with Glopolis), national development paradigm and financing of development;
- Regular meetings by members on development education, Presidency project, food security, humanitarian aid; - External communication of success stories in regular events calles “Stories from LAPAS”.
- In January 2014 a conference on development will be organised.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, assessing the growing capacity of LAPAS, has provided a direct grant for the implementation of several additional acitivities such as research on projects in Central-Asia, a web page on post-2015 and other.

Information provided by Inese Vaivare, LAPAS

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