Thursday, 28 November 2013

Global Citizens Movement for Change

In November 2013 DEEEP organized two mayor civil society events to start building a global citizens movement for change.

Global Conference
During 2 days, 200 active citizens from all over the globe gathered in Johannesburg to start "Building a Global Citizens Movement for change". In a participative and inclusive process, the conference was a space for questioning instead of giving answers. In this overwhelming atmosphere of engagement and radical change, the initial intention of the Declaration has been replaced by the "Johannesburg Compass: questions and orientations". This text aims to express the questions of this diverse and complex movement and it will evolve in parallel. The conference is a continuous work in progress and we want active citizens to be on board for at least the next 2 years through several activities (other global conferences, seminars etc.).

Therefore, DEEEP created an online platform which will be the digital touch point for the participants but also for a broader audience. We invite you to visit for further information or to contact Tobias Troll at  if you want to be engaged in this process.

Research Conference
For the first time, researchers, academics and global educators had the opportunity to meet and discuss the "hot topics" in global justice in the framework of the conference "Global Justice through Global Citizenship". This conference co-organised by DEEEP/CONCORD, PULSE, HIVA CIDIN, EADI and NCDO which took place last week in Brussels, was a frank success. Gathering 200 participants, the 25 workshops were the occasion to discuss various topics and challenge current global issues such as the engagement with the private sector, the challenge of evaluation, the online education or the youth volunteer programs.

For more information and outcomes, please visit the DEEEP platform or feel free to contact Amy Skinner at

Photo above: Graphic from the Global Conference
Photo below: Graphic from the Research Conference.

Information provided by Helene Debaisieux , DEEEP

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