Thursday, 28 November 2013

Global Campus – Students for Global Justice

In the framework of its Development Education and Awareness Raising project Global Campus – co-financed by the EU – KOPIN held two Film Festivals at the University of Malta in  October 2013 and introduced a University course on development cooperation.

During the events, documentaries and short movies from all over the world have been projected, dealing with topics such as migration, child rights, climate change and sustainable use of natural resources and gender issues, among others. Following the two events, on the 23rd of October KOPIN successfully started the implementation of the course Global Campus – Introduction to International Development Cooperation at the University of Malta. The aim of the introductory course, targeting university students from all faculties, is to give them the instruments to better understand the main topics related to global development and citizenship, helping them to actively engage and get involved in local projects and/or initiatives which will actively contribute to eradicate poverty and promote justice, human rights and sustainable ways of living.

The project aims at raising awareness among University students on Global issues, in order to develop a deeper understanding of the concept of Global Citizenship and become more involved in the development of a Global Society.

More inforamtion on the KOPIN website.

Information provided by Federica Di Giulio,  KOPIN     

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