Tuesday, 22 October 2013

There is an Alternative: Development Education Conference for South Eastern Europe

The Slovenian NGDO platform SLOGA, in cooperation with the North-South Centre, is organising a regional conference on Global Education (GE) for South Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean in Ljubljana from 4-5 December 2013.

Under the title TIA - There is an Alternative, concepts of global education, global citizenship and national identity throughout the region of South Eastern Europe will be discussed. The goal is not to search for common definitions but to look for similarities and differences in its understanding and finding ways to work together for the common goal despite of (or because of) differences.

Framework of the Conference: The Conference is a follow-up event of the second Global Education congress held in Lisbon in September 2012 and part of three regional seminars. Having the five areas of work covered by the GE Congress strategic recommendations as a frame-work, each seminar should assess the GE overall situation and the impact of existing national GE strategies.

The time of crisis has opened a window for a serious re-thinking of the ways in which states, societies and people deal with global challenges. This tipping point represents a tipping point for global education as well. The policies and principles that were developed in the past no longer serve a truly sustainable and equitable future and the plurality of voices in GE debate grows daily. For global education to be effective it is particularly important to speak a language that is shared with its target groups in their cultural and historic background. The participants will be invited to co-create policies and principles of GE that have a particular value for the countries from the region. Inspiring GE practices will serve as guidelines and inspiration.

Participants: Approximately 60 people are expected to attend the seminar from the following target countries:
a) Main target EU NMS countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Slovenia
b) Western Balkan Countries members to NSC - CoE: Serbia, Montenegro
c) other NGO representatives from other NMS

Conference Language will be in English and there will be no translation provided. Travel and Accommodation costs for limited number of participants will be covered – NGO participants from group a) and b) could apply for travel and accommodation costs reimbursement, while the participants from group c) for accommodation only.

For the coverage of those costs as well for any other information, please contact SLOGA  at conference@sloga-platform.org.

Information provided by SLOGA

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