Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cooperation Between Public Administration and Civil Society in Serbia

On 2nd October 2013, the presentation of the draft regulation on the standards of cooperation between public administration and civil society and the participation of CSOs in decision-making processes was organized for the representatives of the governmental institutions, independent institutions, and CSOs in Belgrade. Ivana Ćirković, Director of the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society, emphasized that this document is the product of the comparative analyses of the mechanisms and methods of cooperation between governmental bodies and CSOs, in the context of regional and European experience and practice. Participants had general positive comments on the draft of the document and number of constructive suggestions. After collection of all comments and suggestions the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society will publish the final text of the Regulations.

Source: BCSN Newsletter E-Mail Alerts nr. 279, October 2013

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