Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Humanitarian Congress Organized by Czech NGOs and Academia

The Humanitarian Congress is a unique event organized by a group of NGOs already for the second time, this year on 11 October 2013 in the Czech town of Olomouc. The congress is organized by several Czech NGOs, academic institutions (ADRA, Caritas Czech Republic, College of Social Work in Olomouc, Czech Red Cross, Diaconia ECCB – Centre of Humanitarian and Development Aid, Diocesan centre of Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc, Médecins Sans Frontières, People in Need, Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology) and the platform of Czech development NGOs FoRS.

The congress was open to the wide range of audience; it brought together leading experts from humanitarian, non-governmental and international organizations, universities and media. The Humanitarian Congress is also an international platform for the exchange of information, experience and ideas related to humanitarian help. Czech and foreign practitioners and researchers from a multitude of backgrounds presented their experiences and concerns through a series of panel discussions and workshops. Discussion topics included: Resilience: New Paradigm Or the Old One in a New Suit?, Syria – Humanitarian Aid In Armed Conflict, New Technologies, Development Of Humanitarian Aid In European Context, Sudden Onset Versus Slow Onset Disasters, Czech Humanitarian Aid and others.

The use of new technologies in the humanitarian practice
The seminar Use of new technologies in the humanitarian practice took place on the occasion of the second Humanitarian congress. Over the last 10 years new technical possibilities have emerged, like Geographic Information System (GIS), satellite remote sensing, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), mobile phone applications, etc. Much of this knowledge is available at academic institutions and companies. How can we identify synergies, how can we apply them in the field, where they could make a real difference? These specific topics and questions were discussed at this seminar, for example GIS – satellite technology, disaster mapping, groundwater exploration, surface; mobile phones – technology & application, added value for aid organizations and UAV – presentation of UAV’s, application, perception.

More information about the program and speakers can be found here.
The videos from the panel discussions will be also uploaded here soon.

Contact person: Adéla Stiborová (adela.stiborova@fors.cz)
Photo: Panel during the Humanitarian Congress, FoRS

Information provided by Adéla Stiborová, FoRS

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