Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Project Partnerships for the 2013 DEAR Call

The European Commission had previously postponed the launch of the 2013 NSA LA Development Education Awareness Raising (DEAR) call to October. The latest information we received was that the call has been postponed to the end of October, latest middle of November. Many organisations are working intensively on proposals and are still open for partnerships. On the TRIALOG website you find a list of “Partner Search Requests” http://www.trialog.or.at/partner-search-for-joint-projects, here the most recent ones:

Un Raggio di Luce, an Italian NGO is interested to participate, as partner, in projects to be submitted to the forthcoming 2013 EU DEAR Call, focusing on the following key themes: global education, awareness raising on citizenship, microfinance and social economy, respect of human rights, women’s empowerment and gender development issues.

The Christian Initiative Romero (CIR), a German NGO focusing on labor and human rights in the globalised industry is looking for partners – European NGOs and local authorities – in the upcoming EU DEAR Call 2013. They have two project ideas, one under the working title “Stepping up action for decent life – Fair Trade Towns promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns”. The second one on "Toys-Industry and good working conditions".

• Six NGOs from Germany (Arche nova), Italy (Centro di Volontariato Internazionale, Istituto Oikos), Slovakia (Slovak Centre for Communication and Development), Estonia (Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation) and Slovenia (Humanitas) are looking for partners, particularly an organisation that could be the lead partner/applicant, for a EuropeAid DEAR project on the issue of environmental refugees.

• The Italian Association CSV MARCHE, an experienced network of more than 400 volunteering associations is interested in participating, as partner, in projects to be submitted to the 2013 EU NSA LA DEAR Call.

AMREF Italy is interested in participating, as partner, in projects for the 2013 EU’s DEAR Call, focusing on the following key theme: Children’s Right to Health - meant in holistic terms, which also includes the Right to free expression, self-determination and creativity.

Integra Foundation from Slovakia is looking for partner organisations to establish cooperation in development projects, especially a leading partners to develop a joint project under the EU DEAR call 2013.

Artemisszi├│ (H), Voluntariat (SL), O3V/GSP (DK) and CIE (BG) are currently partners in a EC DEAR funded project that focuses on raising the awareness of students and teachers about MDGS and related global issues through the method of school partnerships. They are looking for organisations who would like to join the project in the next phase.

The Education for Democracy Foundation (EDF) - Poland is looking for partners, preferably from Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, to apply for EU funding under the DEAR Call. The planned project focuses on awareness raising of the impact of development projects run by their national NGDOs and promoting good practices of development projects.

ADRA - Czech Republic is looking for partner organisations to realize global education projecs in the formal and non-formal education system with regards to the upcoming EC DEAR Call.

Frauensolidarit├Ąt, a feminist women’s NGO in Austria focusing on women in Africa, Asia and Latin America and on development politics wants to be partner in the upcoming DEAR Call.

Information provided by TRIALOG

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