Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Reframing the Sustainability Debate

The UK charity tve has launched a Schools Resource to engage secondary students around the world in some of the key arguments, dilemmas and debates around sustainable development. The online educational resources, which are free to download, are the final phase of Reframing Rio, an ambitious multi-media project showcasing a raft of broadcast, online and print content. A joint venture between tve, IPS and IIED, the project aims to reignite global debate about sustainable economies and communities.

The project includes Zero Ten Twenty a three-part documentary series which has followed the lives of 11 children born in 10 countries over 20 years; Life Apps, a 5-part series looking at mobile apps and benefits for poor and marginalised communities – filmed in Africa, India and Brazil; a range of youth programming as well as 140 news articles and a series of topic briefings.

The media outputs have been produced in partnership with European and developing world broadcasters, producers, journalists and young film-makers and photojournalists.

For more information contact nick.rance@tve.org.uk

Information provided by Imogen Butler-Cole, tve

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