Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A.R.T. Fusion hosted “Act for What You Believe” Training in Romania

Between 30 September and 7 October 2013 A.R.T. Fusion organized at Gura Diham (Busteni) the second training course within the “Act for What You Believe” project which aims to develop advanced competencies in forum theatre methodology. The project is financed through Youth in Action Program of European Commission.

National teams from Bulgaria, Ghana, Romania, Slovenia, Tanzania and Uganda had implemented their practice phase based on forum theatre tackling relevant social problems from their communities. Now they will sharpen and deepen their competencies in order to have even a higher impact in their countries and to become independent forum theatre practitioners.

After a couple of months allocated to the practice phase the multipliers looked eager to reconnect with the intercontinental network of forum theatre. Based on the learning needs analyse in this training they:
- Shared their experience from the practice phase
- Discussed about the biggest challenges and learning points
- Developed facilitation skills for preparatory exercises in Forum Theatre, evaluation and impact assessment skills of forum theatre
- Reflected on their own performances and bring improvements to them
- Took part in an open space where any Forum Theatre aspect of their wish could be discussed
- Upgraded their data base of exercises and forum theatre games
- Developed an action plan for the second part of the practice phase.

Following this training, until the end of November, each country team will put in practice their upgraded competencies by improving their performances or develop new plays. Each partner practice phase experiences will be included in a manual of working with forum theatre method in intercontinental context and a movie of best practices.

For more information about this project please contact A.R.T. Fusion team at art_fusion_romania@yahoo.com  

Photo: A.R.T. Fusion Workshop 2013.

Information provided by Andreea Tudorache, ART Fusion

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