Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Involving Students and Teachers in Development Education in Romania

The project Realization of the Millennium Development Goals: Involving students and teachers in development education programs and projects started in December 2010 and it aims at involving students and educators from 4 EU countries and from the Republic of South Africa in the process of elaborating and promoting development education programs. The project is implemented in partnership of Open Education Centre – Bulgaria, Assistance and Programs for Sustainable Development – Agenda 21 – Romania, Carrefoure Europeo Emilia – Italy, HIVsports – UK and it is co-financed by the European Commission through the program Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development. Public Awareness and education for development in Europe.

In 2012, the main results registered in Romania were: elaboration of the curriculum on Development Education, an education package on The role of development education in realizing the Millennium Development Goals, sessions on good practices regarding the project theme, one international event Understanding and resolving the global problems through an international partnership (during this event, students elaborated bilateral projects on issues related to development education focused on the problems of Sub-Saharan Africa to be implemented in cooperation with pupils from Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Africa).

A movie documentary FACT or FICTION, focused on how sports can help raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, was launched in London by the partner from UK, HIVsports, in the House of Lords. The documentary is made up by 5 short movies created by young people from UK, Romania, Italy and Africa that are involved in the project. The documentary can be viewed on and, the educational package associated with the documentary can be downloaded at

Photography by Effren Sergio Hernandez, Launch of the movie documentary FACT or FICTION in the House of Lords.

Information provided by Nina Cugler, Agenda 21

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