Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Awareness Raising Campaign by CYINDEP

CYINDEP (Cyprus Island-Wide NGO Development Platform) has started an awareness raising campaign under the concept of “Envisioning a Just and Sustainable World”. The campaign aims at informing the general public on various issues of international development, by adopting one theme per month.

CYINDEP’s awareness campaign calendar includes the following issues:
• January – Active Citizenship month (2013 being the European Year of Active Citizenship)
• February – Social Justice month, (February 20th, International Day of Social Justice)
• March – Gender and Development month (March 8th, International Women’s Day)
• April – Mother Earth month, (April 22nd, Earth Day).

Awareness is raised by the creation of an animated video on the issue and electronic posters, but the campaign is also supported by training sessions as well as information uploaded on the CYINDEP’s website.

The campaign is part of the project “Solidarity in Change – Development in a Time of Transition” which receives funding from the European Union and ends in April. The animated videos have been uploaded to CYINDEP’s YouTube channel Feel free to watch them and share them on your social media pages.

For more information on the campaign, contact Natasha Apostolidou Efthymiou on

Information provided by Natasha Apostolidou Efthymiou, CYINDEP

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