Thursday, 10 May 2012

Preparations for European Development Days 2012 have begun

The European Development Days (EDD) 2012 will be held in Brussels between 16 and 17 October 2012. The first preparatory stakeholder meeting took place on Monday 23 April 2012 in Brussels. CONCORD`s Communications Officer Daniel Puglisi attended the meeting and reports:

The Commission will focus on the two priorities of the Agenda for Change: development, democracy and human rights as well as inclusive and sustainable growth.

The Commission wants to promote the event as High Level Policy Dialogue Overarching theme: Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

There will be 3 subthemes (on which stakeholder panel applications must be based):
• Agriculture and food security (including policy coherence for development, role of rural women, global food crisis, role of private sector, mix of public and private finance)
• Private sector and development (how to leverage private funding, private sector role in green economy, collaboration with other development actors)
• Social protection (including decent work, productive employment and migrants rights)

Stakeholder panels/Participants:
• 15 Stakeholder panels
• The event will be invitation only (1500 participants max.), not open to the public. Participants invited last year will be re-invited in 2012, if not need to contact EU Commission for more information.

Stakeholders are now invited to submit their proposals for the panels. The Event Submission Form is available on the official website. Completed forms should be returned to

Application criteria:
1. Collaborative aspect of event proposal, including supporting evidence on the content of topic
2. Communication Strategy of proposal: visibility potential of event, social media and panel promotion 3. Inclusiveness of event proposal: Gender balance, North-South balance

Deadline for stakeholder panel applications: 23 May, 2012
Decision by EU Commission on applications: 11 June
Second Stakeholder meeting: 2 September

Follow the preparation process online at:  

Information provided by Daniel Puglisi, CONCORD

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