Thursday, 10 May 2012

International Conference KNOW-HOW3000: Promoting Human Rights - Empowering Civil Society

TRIALOG facilitates an East-West-South exchange through supporting the participation of EU12 and Accession/Candidate Countries (AC/CC) as well as Western Balkan representatives at the International Conference KNOW-HOW3000: Promoting Human Rights - Empowering Civil Society which will take place from 25-27 June 2012 in Vienna.

HORIZONT3000 and TRIALOG organise the conference which will bring together partner organisations from the Global South, NGDO representatives from EU12 and EU15 (mainly Austria) and members of the official Austrian development cooperation to exchange experience and best practices within the sector Human Rights - Civil Society.

Objectives of the conference: 
  • To discuss principles, strategies and methods to strengthen Civil Society organisations and structures, so that they can better defend Human Rights
  • Exchange of good practices and project experiences from a variety of project partners from different continents
  • Presentation and communication of the work of HORIZONT3000 (TRIALOG's lead agency) in the sector Human Rights - Civil Society to the official Austrian Development Cooperation, member organisations and other actors with-in the development cooperation in Austria.

TRIALOG offers reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs to a maximum of 3 NGDO representatives per EU12/AC/CC and Western Balkan country.

Background information and Invitation to the conference (pdf)
Application and reimbursement form (word)

The deadline for applications is 18 May 2012.

For further questions please contact Faika El-Nagashi

Information provided by TRIALOG

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