Thursday, 10 May 2012

Advancing Beyond 2015: EU-12 Contributions to a Global Development Framework after the MDGs

In cooperation with FoRS - the Czech national NGDO platform TRIALOG organised the conference Advancing Beyond 2015 in Prague on 24 April 2012, where 65 representatives from the EU-12, Accession Countries (AC) and other Western Balkan countries discussed possible development frameworks after the Millennium Development Goals.

To ensure a successful and meaningful participative process, civil society across the world now comes together to discuss and formulate a vision of a post-2015 development framework in advance of the UN MDGs Summit planned for September 2013. Even if there are three more years to go, the official UN consultations, the negotiations of Sustainable Development Goals at the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, the EC’s public consultations towards the 2013 EU Report on Development as well as European CSOs within CONCORD focusing on a joint Beyond 2015 position clearly show: the time to act is now!

Two thirds of countries involved in the conference are already planning to hold national Beyond 2015 consultations.

The conference participants discussed a number of key themes, including human security, sustainable development, inclusion, human rights, development effectiveness, global civil society, and democratic governance, as well as financing, mutual accountability and development beyond aid. Reflecting on their own transitional experience, participants stressed that above all, the process of creating a new development framework has to be inclusive, people-centred and action-oriented.

A briefing paper for EU-12/AC CSOs, which will further explain why, when and how to engage in the Beyond 2015 negotiations will be available on the TRIALOG and FoRS websites.

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Information provided by Inka Pibilova – Independent Consultant/Rapporteur of the conference

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