Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Provisional Data on the 2006 EC Calls

The first provisional results on the 2006 EC NGO Co-financing Calls for Proposals have been communicated by EuropeAid recently. Both 2006 calls of the budget line 21 02 03 (ED, PVD) have been two stages calls for proposals (1st stage: concept note, 2nd stage: full proposal).

The final selection of development education and awareness raising projects (ED) has not taken place yet, the provisional statistics contain the number of full proposals that were submitted. Out of the total of 150, 35 full proposals were submitted from new member states NGOs. A decision is expected not earlier than for the end of October 2007. It will show how the extra 10m EUR for actions in new member states (NMS) have been assigned.

The provisional data on selected NGO projects in developing countries (PVD) shows the following picture regarding new member states results: only 1 Czech NGO was successful in getting a PVD project approved. Hungarian and Lithuanian concept notes did not pass into the second stage, Polish and Slovak full applications did not succeed in the second stage. For the moment, the reasons for this are unknown.

To compare with the previous years:
In 2005, 1 Czech and 1 Slovenian NGO were successful as applicants in ED versus no new member states contracts in PVD.
In 2004, the year of the EU enlargement and first possibility to apply, no NMS NGO received a contract within the NGO co-financing budget line.
However, since 2004 many NMS NGOs have participated as consortium members or partners in EC funded projects.

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