Tuesday, 2 October 2007

November 12-13, 2007: EPAN Working Group; Romania

The next CONCORD Enlargement, Pre-Accession and Neighbourhood (EPAN) Working Group which is convened by TRIALOG will take place in Romania on 12-13 November 2007.

The meeting will mark an important new phase in the development of the EPAN Working Group. Apart from information and discussions on topics of the 2 sub-groups of EPAN - the subgroup on ENPI (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument) and the subgroup on IPA ( Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) - the agenda is likely to include information about the EU budget review, the Slovene platform presidency project; plans for strategic engagement with the Slovene and French presidencies, discussions on current and forthcoming EU policy processes, finalisation of the 2008 workplan and the development of a lobbying strategy, feedback from EPAN members involved in other CONCORD working groups, in addition to selected country updates. A draft agenda and preparatory questionnaires will be circulated in the next few weeks, in addition to detailed information regarding the itinerary.

The registration on the CONCORD extranet is now open for the working group (WG) members, please register by 19th October at the latest. Support for new EU member states WG members: Please note that in order to be able to claim CONCORD/TRIALOG reimbursement for this meeting, you must pre-register on the CONCORD extranet.

The agenda and all the necessary background documents will become available soon and circulated per email. For more information please contact office@trialog.or.at.

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