Wednesday, 3 October 2007

New structure of EuropeAid

In summer 2007 EuropeAid has been restructured. The new Direction F has four departments: F1/Relation with civil society and co-ordination (headed by A. Bouratsis), F2/programming RELEX (mainly human rights and democracy budget lines, under the responsibility of External Relations Directorate General - DG RELEX), F3/ programming DEV (thematic programmes under the responsibility of the Directorate General for Development - DG DEV), F4/Contracts and finances (former 05). The former service 04 is replaced by the departments F2 and F3 which now manage the thematic budget lines. The staff responsible for NGO co-financing is now working in F3. The department F1 is responsible for the general communication with NGOs.

View the new EuropeAid Organigramme at:
Find more information in the "Who we are"-section of the EuropeAid website:

Information provided by bengo, eu-mail-info Nr. 195-17.07.2007 and CONCORD/FDR.

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